TOPONE Workshops for the School Administrator

TOPONE  is a Technology Leadership Experience

TOPONE Workshops are created for School Leaders who strive to understand what is possible with technology and then to set reasonable expectation for themselves and their staff. TOPONE Workshops serve the "Best of the Best" technology practitioners in a district. The TOPONE "experience" is invigorating, and you will soar to new heights of technology awareness, proficiency, and leadership.

TOPONE graduates learn to apply the right tools and to make the intelligent technology decisions that positively impact instruction and learning. They learn to better manage the business of education and to lead and motivate their staff by example.

TOPONE Workshops combine real world scenarios and real life experiences.  Instructors deliver practical leadership advice that you can use immediately. Topics are addressed in highly interactive, "hands-on" formats using networked multimedia desktops, handhelds, and the Internet.



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